Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

Getting back to your question, again if I have a patient that is really compromised, we have somebody who’s challenged by either cancer or some other important health challenge, at that point then you have to really start thinking more about – the risk-reward ratio here changes. So if somebody has issues like that, I would definitely in most cases remove the teeth, unless they were done with biocompatible materials.


Participant: Yes, doctor. If somebody has a lot of amalgams in their mouth.


Daniel Vinograd: I’m sorry?


Participant: Somebody has a lot of amalgams or the mercury fillings and they don’t have a chance to get them out or they’re waiting to find a dentist like you. Is there something they should or shouldn’t do dietary-wise or supplement-wise to help their body or not to make it worse?


Daniel Vinograd: You mean to just go up to your regular dentist and get this done.


Participant: No. I mean if you’re waiting to find a dentist or you can’t do it right now because …




Participant: Yes. Is there something else or you can help?


Daniel Vinograd: It depends on the condition of your amalgams. If your silver mercury fillings are actually leaking like if they’re older, the margins have already cracked and they’re leaking, a lot of people start chelating. And all they’re doing is actually chelating and extracting more of that mercury from your mouth. So it makes no sense to do that.


I would say if you’re not leaking and you have a high mercury content and you want to chelate that, it will be fine. But as far as anything else that you could be doing to protect yourself, because it is a physical problem that’s creating this, there’s really not a real lot that you can do.


You can use some vitamin C in large concentrations. It tends to be helpful. I would not chelate. I would just protect, not chelate. And obviously get them out as soon as you can properly.


Participant: I have two questions. The first, “Is there any kind of safe dental implant you can get?” and the second question is, “Would you recommend like a conventional dental cleaning if that’s all you have access to?”


Daniel Vinograd: First part of your question, “Is there a more biocompatible implement?” Is that fair? Yes. In Europe they have actually been using zirconia implants which are non-metal.


From a biocompatible point of view, I think they are a little bit better than the titanium. The problem is that they have not been used for that long in this country. They are just getting to be FDA-approved. There have been some instances where the implants have actually cracked. So it’s still questionable. I still would not bring those into my practice at this point.


Second part of the question is getting – yeah, I mean you could have your dentist do regular cleanings and you know what I mean. You should insist that they don’t use fluoride. You can make your own prophy paste and bring it if your dentist will allow you to do that.


We actually make our own prophy paste in our office and we just use a base of virgin coconut oil and a little bit of Xylitol and some flavoring. A little bit of pumice and that’s all you need.


I would give that to my grandkids. I wouldn’t have any problem having spoonfuls of that eaten by my grandkids.


Participant: You said aluminum …


Facilitator: Xylitol.


Daniel Vinograd: Xylitol, yes.


Participant: [Inaudible]


Facilitator: Pumice.


Daniel Vinograd: Now if you’re going to use that for your own toothpaste in the house, I would minimize the amount of pumice. Pumice is a bit abrasive and we use them in the office because we do this for you every six months. So we use a little bit more of an abrasive paste. If you’re going to do this as your regular toothpaste at home, I would either reduce or eliminate the pumice.

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