Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

Daniel Vinograd: Yeah. So maybe in the technique, not so much the floss. You want to make sure that you’re not really just – because you’re pushing hard to get through. You’re actually going right into the center of the gum and making it – really creating some trauma to your gum rather than cleaning it.


Facilitator: Over here doctor.


Participant: Hello. I’m Priscilla. I come from Australia.


Daniel Vinograd: Welcome.


Participant: A lot of the patients come and tell me about coconut oil. It’s very good benefit for the gum bleeding or tooth problems. Can you describe more about the coconut oil for the tooth problems?


Facilitator: Do you mean oil pulling with coconut oil? Is that what you mean?


Daniel Vinograd: You’re talking about why we use coconut oil as a base for our prophy paste?


Participant: Yes. For the what?


Facilitator: For the paste. Why you’re using coconut oil for the paste, I think she said.


Daniel Vinograd: Yeah. I mean we find that the virgin coconut oil is just – I mean it’s a magnificent base to use. I use it in my diet all the time. It’s actually antibacterial and it actually enhances the – the fact that it’s an oil, it really enhances the ability for your gums to heal.


It’s just a very good base. I mean it’s nothing magical. We just use it as a base because it’s a very healthy oil and it provides a good media for us.


Facilitator: OK. We’ve got one more and then – I know we could keep you here all day and probably some people want to take you home in their suitcases so you can keep answering questions. But that would be unkind.


Daniel Vinograd: Well, I’m happy to be here.


Participant: Hi. I wanted to ask about removing amalgam fillings. I went to several doctors in India as well as here but generally in India because it’s cheaper there.


I was told that if I get the mercury fillings out, the amalgam fillings out, it might be so wide the fillings that I will have to do root canal. So that’s one of the reasons why I’m a little bit hesitant [01:10:00] to do – sometimes get my mercury fillings out because then it might land up – if the filling is big, then it might land up in doing root canal.


Daniel Vinograd: OK, yeah. Again it depends on how meticulous the operator is in removing the amalgam.


There are two problems that could create, a problem that you were required to have a root canal.


Number one is if they are removed with very high speed and not enough water. You can create a lot of heat. It’s a metal and you’re actually taking them out with a metal burr. So you can create tremendous amount of heat when you’re removing them. I would say that would be the biggest cause for this.


If you can find a dentist that has perhaps an electric hand piece that can reduce the RPMs, use a lot of water and segment your amalgam rather than grind it out, your chances of running into trouble decrease significantly.


The other problem which is minority of the times is that many times amalgams have created fracture lines and we call them often hairline fractures when we are actually not able to see them with the naked eye.


Sometimes they are visible and when you actually remove the amalgam, those fractures that were hairlines relax a little bit because you’ve removed those actually holding it together in a way and then you tend to have sensitivity or whatever.


But this is the problem that is going to manifest itself no matter what if you leave them in. You will end up cracking your tooth and it will be the same problem.


So I would just find a dentist that uses an electric piece, hand piece, that will use lots of water when they’re removing them and that knows how to segment an amalgam. So it gets removed in chunks rather than drilling them out.


So it’s not inevitable that you’re going to have problems if it’s done properly. You’re welcome.

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