Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

Facilitator: He’s treating the staff however.


Daniel Vinograd: Yeah. If he asks me maybe down the line. But I do. Because of what I do, I do treat a lot of patients that have a lot of very challenging health issues and so a lot of cancer patients over the years and so forth.


We try to see them as a whole. We try to get the dental part done and also receive them in a way where they’re feeling validated and supported.


Participant: Thank you doctor. I think I heard you mention that we want to go with a dentist that – I thought I heard you say doesn’t use fluoride. I understand we don’t want to ingest fluoride. Can you clarify, do we ever want fluoride in our mouths or not?


Daniel Vinograd: Usually a dentist that uses fluoride – and I’m not going to say all dentists fall into this category. But usually a dentist that uses fluoride does not have the kind of outlook that we want.


Fluoride is basically quite a toxic element as well and it’s actually quite inefficient in really helping you once your teeth are out. That fluoride to penetrate a grown tooth and have any kind of positive effect is really a myth. It’s insignificant, the benefit you’re getting from it.


The only time you really get a lot of benefit from fluoride is if a mother that’s pregnant ingests it and that’s just in the – you do that by the way. But if you ingest it, and that becomes part of the floor appetite that is the structure of the tooth, then you can have a much greater effect on the tooth resisting decay.


Now if you use too much fluoride, you can get fluorosis and that’s a different part. You go to the other extreme. But I’m not suggesting you do that because I think the health challenges with fluoride are much greater than the benefits, number one.


[01:00:00] Another thing that dentists have been using for years. It has become part of the status quo. It’s what dentists do without really thinking. We’re really not thinking about it.


Fluoride has been linked a lot with some challenges, some brain disease, kidney disease. So I just don’t think the benefits are really worth it. Absolutely.  Absolutely.


Anybody who’s a holistic dentist or has some kind of a naturopathic inclination really understands that.


Participant: Thank you.


Participant: Well first, as an input, when we were learning reflexology and the meridian points, each tooth is at least connected to three important members of the body like kidneys, liver and so forth.


So it’s very important and I appreciate your thought about connection and I was going to ask if we can have email or any address from you and be in touch, if we have any question.


Daniel Vinograd: Absolutely. You can be in touch with me. I will be happy to answer your questions and thank you for bringing that up.


Facilitator: I think they want you to give them their email.


Daniel Vinograd: OK. I will give you – if I give you my office email, you can use my office email or you can actually contact me directly and it’s or in my direct email or you can contact my office I will be happy to try to help in any way I can.


Facilitator: Dr. Vinograd, is there a website that you would recommend they go to, to perhaps answer some of the questions before they email you and also a website where they can find dentists in their area who would be like-minded?


Daniel Vinograd: Yeah, there are a number of websites that actually recommend different dentists. Some of these websites, all you need is to pay a fee and you get listed. So I would feel more comfortable if you email me and I actually can guide you a little bit through the process. Yeah, I would prefer to do that.


Participant: [01:02:46] [Inaudible]


Daniel Vinograd: You can use it everyday. You can use it everyday.


Facilitator: Hold on. The question was, “How often can you use the ozone treatment?”


Daniel Vinograd: Yeah. It is a little bit time-consuming. So you have to actually – and the ozonator actually, the ozone infuser works a little bit like a diffuser on aquarium. It’s pretty much the same thing the way it looks. It’s not actually out putting the same thing but it looks exactly the same thing. So you just place that on your container and you really have to let this infuse for about at least 20 minutes depending on the power of your machine.

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