4 Questions to Ask Your Biological Dentist

Daniel Vinograd

Article courtesy of Dr. Daniel Vinograd, DDS – Holistic Dentist San Diego

  1. What material do you use when performing fillings? And what safeguards are in place for removing Mercury?

Many dentists typically use Mercury to fill cavities with; however, this is a toxic metal thatcan cause other health problems and complications. Mercury poisoning is quite common, and symptoms can include asthma or digestive problems. Your dentist should try to use a replacement substance for mercury that is not metal or toxic in any way. If your dentist does use an alternative substance instead of mercury and would like to remove your existing mercury filling; find out what safety measures are taken to minimize mercury contamination in the air of the room. During a mercury removal procedure, it is very easy for mercury to get into the air and cause the air quality to suffer. It is very important that proper safety measures are in place to minimize this issue. An example safety measure would be using high power vacuum suctions to keep the mercury contained.

  1. Do you use fluoride in your treatment methods?

Fluoride use is very controversial, because fluoride is actually more toxic than lead. Fluoride can do more harm than good in dental care and many holistic dentists advise against using Fluoride in treatments or even in toothpaste.  The Food and Drug Administration does not approve of Fluoride treatments and even support the fact that Fluoride is not a mineral but is instead a medication. All medications have side effects and many people have felt badly due to the Fluoride in their toothpaste or that they received at the dentist. Alternatives to Fluoride exist such as calcium and phosphate, which also provide minerals and protect teeth enamel.

  1. Is Nutritional Counseling offered?

Nutritional counseling is actually a key part of any dentist appointment as what food you eat is closely tied to oral health. believes that overall body health is related to oral health. Proper nutrition is something of concern for your dentist. For example, drinking a lot of juice and sugars may increase the risk of cavities and other health problems. It is important for your dentist to have a complete picture of you as a patient in order for treatment to be successful and this includes nutrition.

  1. What measures are taken to make me feel calm?

Dental Anxiety is a real thing; many people dread going to the dentist, and when they do are just a bundle of nerves and have a terrible time. It is important for your dentist to do what they can for you to calm down and feel at peace. After all, if you are in severe distress the whole time it is unlikely your treatment will go as smoothly as if you were relaxed. Some dentists practice sedation dentistry, which is giving a mild anesthetic to people who are really suffering from anxiety. This is a good measure to be taken but should only be used when it is really needed. More common techniques include listening to music or watching movies.

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