Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

Facilitator: OK. Well I think we would all like to join hands and say thank you very much to Dr. Vinograd.


Daniel Vinograd: Thank you so much.




Daniel Vinograd: I appreciate it.


Facilitator: That was wonderful and I will be calling you on Monday to make an appointment. Actually I think the solution is for everybody to move to San Diego, right? And then we can all hang out and have lunch and then go see Dr. Vinograd and have our teeth … [laughs]


Thank you so much. OK. Well we made it. You made it. You survived the weekend. For those on live stream, if you could just be patient for a moment. I need to talk to the people who are on live stream.


The videos are going to be available beginning next Friday and some of this applies to you as well. Next Friday, the link which will have the password will be emailed to you and then the video will be available through March 15th. So you will have it for four full weeks. Any additional handouts will be emailed to you as well. Any portions that were missed on the live stream will be fully included in the recorded version.


There won’t be any interruptions, anything. Anything you may have missed will be there in toto and I think that’s pretty much – is that about it? Is that good? OK.


Oh, and by the way, this is the third time we’ve done this. Please pardon me but each time it has cut out just as we try to pan up because they keep wanting to say hello to Allie and to Scott. Could you please poke your heads out, turtles? Just one more time and say hello. Well done. OK.




Facilitator: Did they see that on the live stream? Yeah? OK, good. If you haven’t yet turned in your order forms, if you could please turn in your order – your order forms, good lord. Your order forms for the book table back there. If you’re still planning to have things shipped, the box is still there. We’re taking it at the end of the day. So if you’ve forgotten to do that, please do that.


Also if you were so kind as to jot down a few words for us on the pseudo-evaluation form, if you could leave that out in the lobby when you’re leaving and I think that is it for the practical portions.


I wanted to let you know before you leave that some of you may be leaving here with a mental disorder and I am not making this up. There is a new mental disorder which is being diagnosed around the country called orthorexia.


The definition of orthorexia is an unnatural preoccupation or obsession with healthy, organic, whole, natural food. It is linked to obsessive compulsive disorder and to anorexia nervosa. In the minds of the people who are purveying this, it is linked. There is a checklist of symptoms. I can tell you that virtually every single thing that is on that checklist would be included in the life of a Gerson patient.


So avoid psychiatrist offices while you’re on the therapy. Be careful who you talk to in cocktail parties. Not that you’re going to be going to many cocktail parties and also I have had so much fun with all of you this weekend. You have been absolutely delightful and lovely people to be with.


So if inadvertently we all happen to mention to the wrong person that we are living this lifestyle and get diagnosed with this disorder, I will happily end up in the loony bin with every single one of you and we will all toast each other with carrot juice.




Facilitator: And as my father used – my father who had had polio at the age of 25 who was in a wheelchair for 55 years and was the most active man I ever knew used to say to me all the time, “Stay bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” So I wish you well. Please be well and thank you again so much for being with us this weekend.



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