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dental spaDid you know that going to the dentist’s office isn’t like it used to be? Sure, technology has moved along, but that’s not the only way that dental offices have changed in recent decades. The dental spa experience is the latest trend in dentistry and one we embrace at our dental office. Patients shouldn’t expect discomfort or pain from a dental spa and can actually leave feeling great — perhaps even pampered.

There are many patients who experience debilitating anxiety related to visiting a dentist. That’s often because past experiences have been so painful. But things have changed a lot, and necessary treatments don’t have to be painful as they were in the past.

So often, experiences from early childhood ruin people on the dentist’s office. People lose any trust they have in dentistry when they’re hurt by people that they believe they should be able to trust. Some people never recover from that, but recovery is possible. It’s possible to put aside those negative associations.

The dental spa model is a completely new way of approaching dentistry. Of course, there’s a strong commitment to not hurting the patients. But there are many other things that make the dental spa experience superior. This includes the introduction of aromatherapy, acupuncture and other services that enhance relaxation, help with pain management and generally make patients feel better.

Aromatherapy, for example, is a great way to enhance the mood of a dental patient and create relaxation. Often, pure essences provide a level of relaxation that isn’t possible any other way while making the overall experience better. This overall wellbeing experience can last hours or even days after the dental office experience.

Further, we make an effort to discuss fear and previous experiences with patients so they can begin to separate the bad of the past from the pleasant experiences of the present. When people learn to trust us and eliminate the association between what was and what is, they can stop being so heavily influenced by what was previously imprinted on their brains.

The important thing for patients to remember is that historical issues don’t have any connection with things that happen in the present day. Once patients can come to that realization, then their experience at the dentist’s office can become better and more pleasant.

Also involved in the dental spa experience is cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of the patient. This includes teeth whitening and more. And these procedures are inherently very pleasant and don’t cause much pain or discomfort at all. But when patients need restorative dental procedures performed as well, they need to understand that the technology of today’s procedures allows for a pleasant experience that doesn’t in any way resemble less pleasant experiences they had as a child or in early adulthood.

The dental spa experience here and at other similar clinics involves a combination of approaches that merge traditional and holistic dentistry with Eastern medicine, including acupuncture. When performed together, patients get the very best possible results.

Acupuncture is especially useful for specific issues, including the reduction of pain from TMD and operations as well as relaxation to make the overall experience better. When used with reflexology, massage and other modalities, this makes the entire dental spa experience one any patient will want to try out.

Contact us now for an appointment with Dr. Vinograd. At our dental office, we incorporate many aspects of the dental spa experience so you can have the best possible dental office visit. This modern new way of doing business is one we fully embrace. Please contact us at (619) 630-7174 for your appointment.

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