Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

So if you’re very committed and you want to do it three times a day, that’s great but …


Participant: [Inaudible]


Daniel Vinograd: No, no, not really. Not really. And I suggest that one time a day is enough to break the cycle because you’re really killing all these bacteria once a day. They really don’t stand a chance of reproducing. Cultures don’t reproduce that quickly.


Participant: Hi. I wanted to check. I’m using a sonic toothbrush because my dentist recommended it but now it seems old fashion might be better. So I wanted to check that with you.


Daniel Vinograd: It’s just what works in your hands. Sonic is fine but again, I would use a soft brush with it and use it just with water and first address your gums. Just 45 degrees and just work your gums very slowly. Make sure you’re really accessing the gums, the pockets, and then I would do a second stage to this which is the flossing and the third stage, I would actually use whatever toothpaste or whatever you feel comfortable, you feel good with, and brush your teeth as a separate – it’s a little bit of an investment of time but it’s well worth it.


You will save lots of time, health and lot of fees with your dentist as well.


Participant: Two real quick. How bad is gold crown in the [01:04:48] [Indiscernible] spectrum?


Daniel Vinograd: Gold? I think if it was plain gold, I think it would be better than titanium. I think it would probably be an excellent metal if you had to go with a metal in your mouth.


Some of the challenges are number one, that gold is really not used – am I answering your question?


Participant: Yes.


Daniel Vinograd: Yeah. So gold is really not used as pure gold. It’s actually an amalgam of a few metals because gold by itself would be too soft to use in the mouth. So once you use it for dental purposes, it becomes a little less benign than if you would use gold alone.


Second is that if you have anything other than gold in your mouth, with the saliva, you begin to create galvanic currents, electrical currents in your mouth and that’s not a healthy situation for you.


Lastly, as we have now porcelain materials like the BruxZir crowns that I’m talking about that don’t have a lot of the challenges that metals do. So I don’t use that anymore in my practice although I did when I first started.


Participant: Also, I know it has been hypothesized. I don’t know if it has been proven that there are serious threats to pregnancy from gum disease now. Is that correct?


Daniel Vinograd: I wouldn’t be surprised. I haven’t seen that research but I would not be surprised. I mean whatever is diseased in your mouth is going into your blood stream and it’s affecting every organ of your body.


Participant: Hello.


Daniel Vinograd: Hi.


Participant: I want to ask you about flossing. Is there floss which you recommend? Because I find it difficult sometimes to floss my teeth and sometimes the gums are bleeding.


Daniel Vinograd: OK.


Participant: Because the teeth are too close together. So is there a floss which you recommend?


Daniel Vinograd: I personally just use plain silk without anything added to it. I would definitely not use any waxed floss because what you end up doing is creating a great culture for – a great media for bacterial culture to develop in there.


So I would not use anything that is waxed. A lot of the times when we have bleeding from our gums is because we’re flossing straight down and you want to actually just go by the contact, click the contact and then you want to just shoeshine one side and shoeshine the other side. You’re actually really flossing both teeth.


You know how your gum has like a triangle in between? You want to floss both sides and not straight down. If your gums are not – are your gums bleeding anywhere else or just when you floss?


Participant: Just when I’m flossing.

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