Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

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Facilitator: So you heard reference several times this weekend about the importance – excuse me. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re starting. If you could come inside please, that would be great.


You heard reference several times this weekend about the synergistic effects of oral and dental health and health in the rest of your body and unfortunately in modern, medical practice, we act as though one part is completely unrelated to another.


We have a very special guest lecture, Dr. Daniel Vinograd. He’s a holistic dentist and he has been a holistic dentist for 30 years before anybody even had an inkling of what that meant and he is going to tell you far better than anyone else here could about the interplay between those very things. So please welcome Dr. Daniel Vinograd.




Daniel Vinograd: Thank you. Thank you very much. Well first of all, I’m really pleased to be here and I always really relish speaking to groups like yours. I relish the patients that I treat because we are talking about people that are becoming aware. We’ve been sold a bill of goods for so long and this is part of Western culture. We live in a culture where advertising, movies, you know. Constantly we are being told how to think, what to think, what to buy, what to be greedy about, what to be scared of and so it’s very – it’s a great pleasure to be in the company of people that are breaking out of that mold.


I have been practicing biological dentistry for a very, very long time and more than I care to admit. One of the reasons that I did not start practicing in my first three or four years, I became quite ill around in my late 20s and I could not understand what was happening. There were mental lagoons a bit tired all the time. I felt just really not good and I figured at 28, this is what getting old is about, right?


So I figured, hey, I have to accept it. I’m getting older, right? This is what it feels like. Just by coincidence, I read some articles and I realized that perhaps – and I like many other people were using amalgams back there. I confess. But that was over 30 years ago.


At that point, we were not concerned about a lot of things. We were really basically doing dentistry without masks, without gloves. We’re actually taking amalgams and squeezing them into the trash can, the mercury out and then using it on the patients. So when I actually did some testing, I found that my mercury levels were off the charts.


So slowly I started detoxing. I started doing what was appropriate for the situation. It took me about three or four years but I began to regain my health and as it is for most of us, we’re going to intellectualize a lot of things but truly when we experience something ourselves, then we really become committed. There’s really nothing like life to teach us and nothing like having your own experiences to really get us passionate about something.


So the rest of my life, I’ve been very passionate about holistic living and I’ve been very passionate about holistic dentistry. Back then 30 years ago, not many people were actually working with us and over the years I’ve actually lived what I preach. I pretty much grow a lot of my own food. Actually I have a lot of vegetables. I have a lot of fruits in my area, right on my backdoor and I basically don’t use a lot of chemicals both in my practice and in my own home.


I found that that has really helped me. I mean I’m 85 years old and – no, I’m just kidding.




Daniel Vinograd: So anyway, when I started 30 years ago, this is the way a lot of my colleagues were looking at me and I felt really isolated. I would say, “Well, why don’t you listen to me? I mean doesn’t this make sense?”


So I was being a little bit outside of the conventional mode of practicing dentistry or even thinking of dentistry and so I was called a quack. I lost a lot of friends over this but I begin to refuse to use a lot of the dental materials that were being used.


So this is basically what I got from my colleagues and a lot of people that I was talking to. There’s another one where you have the monkeys, right? And that would be pretty appropriate for this as well.


When we get outside of our comfort zone, resistance comes up, right? Who has experienced that? I mean it happens. It’s part of human nature, right? Something new comes up. A different way of thinking. Trying to back off from traditional conventional wisdom, if you can call it wisdom.


So this is a lot of what I got. Now I have a very good friend who was born in Mexico City. He’s a very prominent dentist. He takes care of a lot of the artists, a lot of the politicians down there, those excellent dentistry.


When I was going to USC, he was actually working at UCLA. We still remain friends after that. I don’t know if you guys are local or not but there’s a lot of competition between two schools and I kept – he used to work for the Dental Materials Department and he would tell me, “You know, we’re looking at this material and we’re looking at the resistance to abrasion and we’re looking at the resistance to compression and we’re looking at the elasticity.”


And I started thinking, “Well, is this the kind of lingo that we should be using in something that’s going to be going in our mouths?” I mean all we care about is how resistant it is. All we care is about how long it’s going to be in the mouth and I mentioned that to him one time and he said, “What are you talking about?”

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