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Avoiding Periodontal Disease With Ozone

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Gum disease is a surprising prevalent problem in the United States.

When the gums are healthy, there is very little space in there. However, when they are unhealthy, there are deep pockets that form around the teeth. These deep pockets give the perfect space for anaerobic organisms to grow; organisms that are also found in heart disease.

Some of the bacteria found in gum disease are found in patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.


Dr Vinograd’s Lecture: Preventing Gum Disease (Excerpt)

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The Link To Disease In Other Organs

While there are currently a number of studies linking gum disease to these other organs, Dr. Vinograd is very suspicious that the majority of authoritative organizations are claiming otherwise. It could take 20 years to find out the truth, and he does not recommend waiting that long. It is important to avoid any anaerobic bacteria within the gums now and avoid periodontal disease altogether.
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There are numerous steps that can be taken to avoid periodontal disease. Some of these steps you may never have heard of. Something that Dr. Vinograd points out is that, surprisingly, dentists do not always inform their patients of the best ways to protect their gums against periodontal disease. He estimates that 95 out of 100 of his patients have never received instructions about brushing the gums properly — the gums and not the teeth.

Brushing the gums properly is very important.


Here are the steps that Dr. Vinograd gives to all his patients:

  1. Just use water (or homemade toothpaste) with a soft brush.
  2. Get right into the gums to remove all bacteria from pockets.
  3. Now apply toothpaste and brush the teeth separately.
  4. Use dental floss to get into the gaps that toothbrushes cannot reach.

Traditional Methods of Preventing Gum Disease

Some patients, when they reach the point of gum disease, have very deep pockets – five to eight millimeters in depth. Dentists used to do deep scaling to prevent periodontal disease. While this does help to get the bacteria out of the pockets, it is only temporary. Many patients will have this completed once or twice a year and then not bother when they are at home.

Dentists will also trim the gums back to address periodontal disease (referred to as gum surgery). This exposes the gums and makes the teeth very sensitive. It does reach the bacteria and clear it out but it is not a pleasant option for the patients.

The good news is that there is other options out there to address periodontal disease. There are things that patients can do to avoid these dental procedures altogether.

Using an Ozone Machine to Prevent Periodontal Disease

The O3 machine adds more oxygen to the water. Oxygen is something that the bacteria hate – ie, it kills them. It can be difficult to get the oxygenated water into gaps that are as deep as seven millimeters or more. This is where the following steps come in:
ozonizing machine to prevent periodontal disease

  • Get a water pick. It takes time to learn how to use this properly, as long as a couple of weeks, but it is worth this time.
  • Add a 1000mgh ozone machine. This can be irritating if just in the air, but it is safe to use with water (and more comfortable).

Ozone machines are not as expensive as they used to be. They once cost in the thousands, but are now available for much less. They are worth the cost, as they reduce pockets by around two millimeters. While two millimeters does not sound like a lot—and you will still need to clean them daily—it is a start. It makes cleaning the bacteria and avoiding gum disease much easier.

Click here for an account from one of my patients, Jewel, who graciously allowed us to share her experience with this technique.

There are a few tips for using your ozone machine at home.

  1. The machines must be used in an area that is well-ventilated.
  2. Find one that has a Corona discharge.
  3. Find one with power to avoid long hours using it. 1000mg per hour is perfect and you could finish the job in 15 minutes.


The Ozonizer

There are many websites with these periodontal disease prevention machines. Dr. Vinograd’s son sells these machines on his own website at a reasonable cost; however, you may find it cheaper elsewhere. The machine that Dr. Vinograd personally prefers is available on his son’s website here:

The Waterpik

gum disease protocol waterpik
You will also need to buy the waterpik — a water irrigation device. This is very affordable and available on it’s own or within a container. Avoid the travel type where possible, since they do not allow enough water to get into them. As long as there is a reservoir of some type to put the water in and use the pick, you will have the perfect device.


Here are some pointers for using the water pick effectively:

  • Always stick to the middle pressure. The high pressure option is not better. It actually opens the pockets more and makes them deeper. Medium is the perfect amount of pressure to clean the bacteria out.
  • There is no need to wait until you have gum disease. Use the water pick as soon as possible to clean the bacteria and avoid periodontal disease ever becoming a problem.
  • Even if you have pockets just two or three millimeters in size, it is worth using the water pick.


Consult Your Dentist

Even when you use the ozone machine and water pick for gum disease prevention, you will still need to visit the dentist regularly. This is the only way to make sure the bacterium is clearing, and your gum pockets are closing. It is best to visit your dentist twice a year. The dentist will also be able to check the overall health of your mouth, and diagnose any risk of periodontal disease. Find a professional who takes periodontal disease prevention seriously. This will help you avoid periodontal disease in the future. Caring for the gums may well be one of the hardest but most important things in life.

, DDS.


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