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Dr Vinograd’s ‘Gentle Dental’ Protocol

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Over the last 30 years, Doctor Vinograd has developed his Gentle Dental Protocol (hereafter just referred to as ‘gentle dental’), designed specifically to prevent pain or discomfort in his patients. The following 5 techniques are employed for ALL of his patients, with great continued success:

  1. Laser diagnostics. The first element of Gentle Dental is laser diagnostics. A small, handheld, diagnostic frequency laser is used to determine, without question whether a filling is even required.
  2. Micro-abrasion* is the next technique used in Gentle Dental. Micro-abrasion uses cutting edge equipment to remove decay with an air stream, preventing the need for drilling at all. The Laser diagnostics allow Dr Vinograd to determine in which cases this technique can be used. Micro-abrasion is non invasive, and completely painless.
  3. Double anesthetic. The next technique is the use of two layers of powerful anesthetic. The first is topical, followed by a second PH neutral numbing agent, so it is not felt at all by the patient.
  4. Low speed, Cool drilling. Although it is not common knowledge, the heat produced by the drill is actually what can cause pain in traditional dentistry. Normally, these drills are operated at 150,000-200,000 rpms, which generates intense heat, despite irrigation. Dr. Vinograd uses a special electric handpiece which can be used at very low rpms (15,000-30,000) with constant, intense irrigation. Remove heat from the equation, and you remove the pain.
  5. Patient Control. happy patient This is a simple system, where the patient simply raises their hand to pause the procedure. This allows patients to stop at any time if they become uncomfortable, allowing Dr Vinograd to proceed in a fashion that does not cause any pain.


Gentle Dental has become the hallmark of Dr Vinograd’s dental practice, and as can be seen by a quick search online, has created thousands of happy patients, who walk out his doors completely pain free.


A note from Dr Vinograd: “My priority is to care for the patient, and not hurting them is a big part of that. I enjoy helping fearful patients, who may have been hurt in the past, to have a good experience.” – , DDS, NMD


*Description of the micro-abrasion technique used for the gentle dental protocol: A facet of Micro-Dentistry, micro-abrasion prepares the tooth for restoration by removing decay. This is accomplished through a spray of air and powder that safely, gently displaces the decay without drilling in the conventional fashion. This minimizes vibration and noise, as well as eliminates odors – and in many cases precludes the need for anesthetics. Micro-abrasion can improve prognosis, and the dentist’s efficiency when bonding colored restorations. Advantages to micro-abrasion include:
1. Minimal loss of healthy tooth structure.
2. Created no sound, heat or vibration.
3. Precludes the need for anesthesia, especially with shallow decay.
4. Micro-abrasion leaves much more healthy tooth tissue behind.
5. Micro-abrasion often prevents the tooth from cracking, which can cause restorative failures.
6. Micro-abrasion is fast, making shorter dental visits for the patient, and more efficient work for the dentist.
7. Micro-abrasion leaves a dry surface area, making the placement of composite fillings easier.
8. Micro-abrasion allows for the use of Glass Ionomer and composite filling materials, as they adhere well to the smooth surface created.

For the Gentle Dental experience, please call (619) 630-7174.
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