Gerson Institute Day 3 Lecture: Dr. Vinograd, Holistic Dental Health

Daniel Vinograd

Facilitator: His question was, “What’s a rubber dam?”


Daniel Vinograd: Rubber dam. We basically have a – it’s actually a rubber piece and you create one or two or three holes depending on how many teeth you’re going to – you actually isolate the tooth and prevent anything from going inside. So it would basically – I would have brought a picture of one if I had known – yeah. Basically you’re isolating. It would be a rubber piece that isolates let’s say one tooth and we actually use something to seal around it.


So everything that is coming out of the tooth actually gets suctioned out and it prevents physically the powder, the water, anything from going back into your system.


Facilitator: I see. Dr. Vinograd, I don’t know if you’re aware of this but you’re now beaming to about 20 countries around the world and some of them are emailing in questions or sending in questions for you as well.


Daniel Vinograd: Sure.


Facilitator: A couple of really good ones here referring to the ozone treatment. Is the ozonator treatment similar to using food grade peroxide with water and a rinse?


Daniel Vinograd: No, not at all. Not at all.


Facilitator: OK.


Daniel Vinograd: I believe that the ozone is quite a bit more efficient.


Facilitator: OK. And then the second one is, “Where can they find the ozonating machines?”


Daniel Vinograd: You can really buy them online. You can buy them online. You basically want something that will have a reasonable output. A lot of the ozonators that are being sold even by some health companies have such low outputs, that you really would have to put that ozone generator in water for six or seven hours before you have some kind of efficient – but if you get something with 600 milligrams per liter or higher, you can probably ozonate the water for about 20 minutes and it will be efficient, effective for you.


Keep in mind that you have to use this water immediately. The ozone will dissipate which is why the big companies have not packaged them and sold it to you for $1000, right? You have to use the water immediately.


Facilitator: Can somebody – if people have bridges in their mouths, can they use that method also?


Daniel Vinograd: Absolutely. Absolutely. This is a great tool for just keeping oral hygiene even if you don’t have a lot of disease. Six hundred milligrams per …


Participant: My dentist likes to insist on an X-ray every year and I resist. Could you talk about that a little bit please?


Daniel Vinograd: It’s somewhat problematic. I don’t care. I mean if we’re going to have a problem because I didn’t take an X-ray when I didn’t think an X-ray was necessary, I’m willing to live with the consequences. But where do you live?


Participant: [0:36:28] [Inaudible]


Daniel Vinograd: OK. So in the US, we have a problem because we have a liability problem, an issue with liability. I will take an X-ray because I do have to live by some kind of standards of liability. I will take an X-ray when I suspect there is a problem. But I will first look at your tooth, see what the problem is and then if I have any questions, I will take an X-ray.


Traditionally I do not take X-rays when I don’t need to or when I don’t suspect there’s a problem. If somebody hasn’t had an X-ray for maybe five or six years, then it would be understandable and common sense to go to take X-rays and definitely for those of you who have children, the latest study on radiation on children is just mind-blowing.


The amount of radiation that children are receiving worldwide from the dental office is just astronomical. So you have to remember their bodies are small. They’re tiny bodies and the same amount of radiation that I would use to take an X-ray for you is the same amount of radiation that I’m actually using for the child and so proportionately it’s a very, very high concentration of radiation for them.


So in our office, we do not take X-rays on children again unless there is a real need for it.


Facilitator: Do you have the same question?


Participant: With the porcelain fillers, could you talk about how durable they are?


Daniel Vinograd: Porcelain?


Participant: Yes.

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