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The Healing Power of Mindfulness P4

    Even if there’s something going on, even if you’re in pain from your lower back and you’ve had it for a long time, or even if you have cancer at the moment, or you’re a cancer survivor, or you have heart issues of one kind or another, whatever it is… the sum total […]


The Healing Power of Mindfulness P3

  There are now wonderful studies that are showing that that actually impedes or reduces any objective measure of performance. That doing two things at once detracts from the quality of either of the one. Doing five things at once, or being that scattered in your mind – you don’t even have to be doing […]


The Healing Power of Mindfulness P2

  Or another way to put it, sometimes, maybe – no offense meant, but “How did I get born into this family?” or “Who are all these crazy people? Why am I the only sane person?” You know, when you’re in a family, no one else can know the kind of genetic disease of that […]


The Healing Power of Mindfulness

MOORE: My name is Helen Damon-Moore, and I am the Director of Service and Education at the Tucker Foundation here at Dartmouth College. I am honored to welcome you all and to introduce Jon Kabat-Zinn on behalf of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Palliative Care Service, the Tucker Foundation, the Ruben Committee of Dartmouth College, […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences P6

  The final point here is suggest   towards a first revolution in the mind sciences. if suggest that we haven’t had one  blue there has been  too much dogma suppressing  the empirical study of  mental phenomena themselves  as oppose to real physical <>. Now there is a possibility as we have access to Buddhism, Hinduism, […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences P5

    Perhaps the imperial observation and mental phenomena nm may dispel this illusion of knowledge not from medical schools but from modern <>. happily are your American, Australian are now modern because in Singapore , it’s in  Bangkok , it’s in Argentina , it’s in brazil. It’s not just the west now it’s the  […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences P4

  It would be marvelous to have such technology the only problem is we don’t have it. That’s why there is such an enormous debate around abortion. No person wants to kill babies. These are not evil people on either sides of the fence but nobody has a clue that the thing in the womb […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences P3

  Teen back then they thought “what’s Dick Hart, we thought you were a pretty smart guy”. Which is more idiotic? To say your dog has no feelings or you have no feelings? When I was studying at Stanford, when I was studying philosophy of mind we learn that the whole school of behavior is […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences P2

by this rigorous observation and internal phenomena I think he was the ne I think more than anybody else that launce the true revolution , the first great revolution ND it wasn’t in physical sciences. In a similar fashion Darwin spent about 25 years in very meticulous, rigorous, careful observation of biological phenomena. of course […]


Revolution in the Mind Sciences

  Date                May 27, 2013 Speaker/s         First speaker, second speaker Title     First speaker: not a typical man, here’s a man that cannot sit still in one place. even while he was a man he went on  to get a degree in physics and then  he went on to start neuron sciences and phycology […]


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