Root Canal: Holistic Commentary on Dr. Mercola’s Video

Daniel Vinograd

Dear Dr Mercola:

I have followed your work with great enthusiasm over many years and appreciate the tremendous impact you have had through education and good product availability. I am also a Weston Price fan.

I stopped doing root canals in the 80’s when I became aware of the great deficiencies with the treatment and the repercussions of traditionally treated teeth.

I just finished watching your video on root canals and wanted to share some thoughts:

-If my patients decide to extract a tooth that is infected or has existing root canal I provide the following information about their options:

a) No replacement. Sometimes the best option depending on the location and function of the extracted tooth: Often a second molar with limited occlusion.

b) Replace with a removable bridge. Cost is low but quality of life not great.

c) Fixed bridge- no metal. Good option when adjacent teeth already have large restorations.

d) Maryland Bridge. Also a fixed bridge, requiring much less destruction of adjacent teeth. Works well in most instances, but may have to be re cemented on occasion.

e) Implant. I use Bicon implants, which are much less invasive due to their design, but are titanium. the alternative is Zirconia implants, very bio-compatible, but not without problems: large in size and one piece only, which requires more aggressive bone removal for placement have less osseo-integration and can suffer micro-fractures, because the often need to be reshaped in the mouth with a bur.

-I often have patients do a serum test that will give me the bio-reactivity of each patient to hundreds of dental materials, and will use bicons when titanium is not one of them.

-On the question of galvanism (electrical currents moving through the saliva due to dissimilar metals in the mouth) it is a non issue with titanium implants, since the titanium is integrated and surrounded by bone, and fully covered by a ceramic restoration.

-Having said all of the above, I now offer to perform bio-compatible root canals and here is why:

a) The main issue with traditional root canals is that he materials used, were toxic, hydrophobic and failed to properly address the issue of disinfecting and sealing the main and the accessory canals inside the tooth.

b) Today, we can more aggressively remove infected tissue with accurate computer driven rotary instruments. Can disinfect the canals with ozone and most importantly, can seal them with bio-compatible, osteogenic and hydrophilic  materials. The material I use, BC sealer has a ph of 12.8 and does not solidify and maintains this ph  or 24 to 48 hours, sterilizing the main and accessory canals. In addition, because it is hydrophilic, it tends to expand with the natural moisture from the surrounding tissues and created a seal, not allwoing the mini pockets that would host bacteria in the past with the use of hydrophobic sealers. Finally, it has osteogenic properties, which further help create healthy tissue inside and  around the tooth.

I have been performing these procedures selectively (I still would not perform this procedure on a severely immune-compromised patient) for over 5 years, with great results, monitoring the local as well as systemic effects in my patients.

If you have further interest on my views on this topic, I have uploaded my latest talk at the Gerson Institute on my website:

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