Homeopathic Remedies Enhance Comfort And Safety During Root Canals And Implants

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homeopathic herbal pillsIn many cases, we recommend safe and effective homeopathic remedies as part of treatment at our clinic. Relying on the law of similars, homeopathic remedies have been used in many parts of the world since the 1800s to deal with all sorts of medical and dental conditions.

In truth, use of homeopathy and related principles goes back even further, perhaps to before recorded history. Our experience has proven that taking these remedies at the right time and in the right quantities can help fend off pain, swelling, bruising, infection and other complications that can occur with root canals and dental implant surgery.

A Wide World Of Homeopathic Options

For root canals and dental implants, we recommend a simple program of two homeopathic remedies along with the powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid taken three times per day until symptoms go away. We find that arnica is especially useful for most dental patients because of its effect on bruising, swelling and nerve pain. It’s a standard choice in homeopathy for any sort of trauma or soreness.

Some dentists also use the following remedies:

– Hypericum, also for nerve pain and post-op pain as well as soreness from dentures or facial trauma
– Myristrica Sebifera, which can prevent nerve abscesses when taken a few minutes before an invasive procedure like a root canal or implant
– Belladonna, used for gum or tooth abscesses and anytime there’s redness, throbbing or inflammation, especially if there’s soreness to the touch
– Ferrum Phos, a homeopathic dentistry remedy often used for bleeding following surgery that isn’t well controlled simply with gauze
– Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, for the early stages of dental abscesses with pus and tender gums that bleed easily
– Silicea, an option that can help with the drainage of pus
– Myristica, used when a dental issue involves swelling and numbness, as is common with wisdom teeth problems
– Ledum, a homeopathic remedy commonly used for trauma that can come along with dental injections
– Staphysagria, used extensively for gum surgery and similar soft tissue invasive procedures
– Apis memifica, a remedy for sudden swelling and burning pains
– and many others.

We try to keep things simple, but we have years of experience in homeopathy and welcome the opportunity to make your experience better and less painful with homeopathic remedies.

Prefer Modern Medicine?

We have some patients who question the effectiveness and validity of homeopathic treatments. And that’s okay. It isn’t necessary that homeopathic remedies be part of your treatment at our clinic. But it’s important to understand that modern homeopathy has two centuries of evidence from doctors, dentists and patients that shows these simple dilutions can make a big difference in many case.

At our clinic, we use homeopathic remedies as an adjunct to modern dental practices. We use the very best equipment and the latest procedures to ease the discomfort of fearful patients and make surgeries and other complex dental procedures less painful and more likely to be successful.

We’ve learned that combining the best aspects of many kinds of medicine — including Eastern medicine, homeopathy and modern technology-based medicine — gives us the widest array of choices to help the widest possible array of patients. No one approach is right in all situations.

Why not give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Vinograd to discuss what approaches will work best for you? There’s sure to be a way to provide you with the good dental health you deserve. A simple phone call to (619) 630-7174 can start the ball rolling on a better life.. with less pain, and with functional and beautiful teeth that you’ll enjoy showing off.

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