Introduce A New Paradigm Of Disease Prevention To Your Life

Daniel Vinograd

Human Heart CirculationDoes it seem like something’s wrong with the way we handle illness and disease in today’s society? It seems that the advice from the medical community over the last 10 years or so about preventing cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and other diseases is seriously missing the mark. When you take a close look at these serious issues and consider the very latest research, you begin to see many myths masquerading as medicine. For example, is the impact of cholesterol on preventing heart disease being overstated? We think it is.

Here’s what’s certain: a small group of diseases — heart disease, cancer and diabetes — will be responsible for most of our deaths, and there must be something that can be done about that. We believe there is.

The causes of these terrible conditions aren’t being represented correctly by the medical community in many cases. Whether for personal gain or because their thinking is simply wrong, many medical professionals don’t tell the truth about the causes of ill-health.

Research shows clearly that the following factors are the primary issues creating today’s epidemic of disease:
– excessive consumption of refined carbs, not to mention sugar itself
– excessive consumption of Omega 6, a bad fatty acid that people often consume at ten times the safe and recommended rate
– excessive consumption of processed and highly refined foods
– the increase in the sedentary and isolated way of life.


But it’s absolutely possible for people to make changes for the better that can make a dramatic difference in their lives and the lives of their families. We can make tweaks and adjustments that will protect health for years to come.

It may come as no surprise that the most important and best possible adjustments are quitting or avoiding smoking and getting more exercise. How simple is that? For many, these two simple adjustments are all that’s necessary to dramatically increase overall health.

Other important changes that can be made include:

1. Cutting the sugar and refined carbs. These things do more than just make you fat. They create inflammation and can lead to organ degeneration, probelms that in turn can cause life-threatening and life-ended diseases that could have been avoided.

2. Balancing the consumption of Omega 6 fatty acids. When Omega 6 is consumed in proper balance with Omega 3 fatty acids, overall health can improve. A simple way to do this when cooking at home is to season food with plenty of fresh, uncooked flaxseed oil. When cooking, it makes sense to use clarified butter rather than unhealthy vegetable oils or animal grease.

3. Getting in more raw, uncooked and minimally processed fermented foods. This includes delicious choices like sourkraut, kefir, kambucha, kimchi and plain old pickles. (And avoid taking antibiotics whenever you can because they destroy the good bacteria that fermented foods cultivate.)

4. Eating more unprocessed food. Whenever possible, swap in fresh fruits and veggies as well as real protein sources for processed, packaged and refined alternatives. Refined foods have their nutrition refined away and often have highly undesirable additives put in their place.

5. Getting your mind in order. Meditating, contemplating and other practices to order your thoughts can help you feel better. When you develop an attitude of gratitude and kindness, you’ll feel better and live longer. It also helps a lot to spend time with family, friends and other uplifting people who can help you relax both body and mind.


When you turn your back on misinformation and look toward real answers from real foods, you can start to see that narrow and ill-informed views about health and medicine don’t serve anyone very well.

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