Amalgam Removal Goes More Smoothly When Homeopathic Remedies Are Used

Daniel Vinograd

Homeopathic alternative medicineBecause dental amalgam contains toxic mercury, removing it is an important part of creating a healthy oral environment. And removing it is also necessary when a more extensive restoration is required. But there is a concern anytime amalgam is disturbed that the mercury released during the procedure can put you as a patient in jeopardy.

At our practice, we take extraordinary precautions to contain mercury that we drill out, making sure it doesn’t cause harm to you or to our clinic staff. When you take homeopathic remedies before and after the amalgam removal process, you make sure that you get the best results from the procedure without any of the harmful side effects of mercury exposure.

It’s amazing that some dentists are still installing mercury fillings in mouths around the world despite the proven harmfulness of mercury. But there’s nothing we can do about their actions or what you’ve had done to your mouth in the past. We can, however, take precautions to make sure that undoing their work doesn’t create harm to your body.

Homeopathic Remedies Work

At our practice, we prescribe a complete collection of homeopathic remedies for taking the day before the appointment for amalgam removal, taking the day of the appointment and for taking after the appointment. Most of these come in the form of small pellets that you take directly from a storage container. These remedies include special formulations designed especially for combating mercury toxicity.

We include arnica, used for centuries to combat nerve and muscle pain and reduce bruising. Arnica is an intelligent choice of homeopathic remedies anytime work is being done to the body that could cause bruising, swelling or pain of any kind. Hypericum is also a vital part of the program we recommend.

But homeopathic remedies can also play another role in the amalgam removal process. For patients who are fearful of going to the dentist, there are also choices that can help reduce anxiety and calm the mind. Look around online and you’ll see aconite, gelsemium and other homeopathic substances recommended for treating the symptoms that go along with fear of the dentist’s office.

A Long History Of Effectiveness

Homeopathy dates back to before recorded history and really took hold in the modern world in the 1800s. It became clear to some medical people at that time that there are ways to treat pain, injury, disease and toxicity that reach beyond what medicines in the modern sense can do. While we understand how important medications and drugs can be in certain circumstances, we also know that some have adverse and even deadly side effects.

Harmless homeopathy — sometimes called the medicine of similars — works alongside today’s modern medicine to improve the outcome of a variety of conditions and circumstances, not just dental office fear and mercury amalgam removal.

As drugs became more prevalent in the early 20th century, use of homeopathy dropped off significantly, but doctors, dentists and patients are now rediscovering the healing effects of homeopathic dilutions. In Europe, homeopathy is widely accepted today, and re-acceptance is growing in the United States. You may use a popular brand of homeopathic ear drops or eye drops every day.

Using so-called laws of similars, homeopathy is touted to cure some conditions and improve the outcomes of others. But this much is certain: mercury is toxic, and your amalgam fillings contain as much as half mercury. When you and the dentist decide these fillings need to go, you need to take every action possible to keep this harmful substance out of your bloodstream — and homeopathic remedies are an important part of those actions.

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