Homeopathic Remedies Can Make Dental Surgery Easier On You

Daniel Vinograd

Homeopathic medicationUsing the right combination of simple but effective homeopathic remedies can ease the stress and anxiety associated with dental surgery and allow you to heal quicker. At our practice, we give dental surgery patients a specific protocol of remedies to follow before and after surgery to make the process go more smoothly.

One important component of this process is arnica, a well-regarded extract from a plant in the sunflower family. Arnica is used topically by athletes and others for joint pain and muscle pain, but when taken internally it can have a powerful impact on bruising on other issues. In fact, in the UK homeopathic arnica preparations are approved to be marketed for these purposes.

Our plan also includes the use of other homeopathic preparations to limit or eliminate other stresses on the body from dental surgery. This includes the use of alpha lipoid acid, not strictly a homeopathic remedy. ALA is an antioxidant with a variety of benefits, including the easing of nerve pain symptoms, and it has been shown to help patients of our holistic dental practice heal better and with less pain.

A Basis In History

Homeopathic remedies were largely formulated in the 1800s by German doctor Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann, although others had used some form of homeopathy throughout history. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, wrote about the concept of homeopathy in 400 BC. Hahnemann, however, developed specific formulations for specific purposes and created an encyclopedia of therapeutic agents that’s still in use today by many physicians and dentists. While others have expounded on and expanded his work, Hahnemann can be viewed as the father of homeopathy.

The idea of this kind of treatment may seem strange or backwards at first. Simply put, a homeopathic dentist or physician prescribes substances that have proven to create similar conditions in healthy people. In some cases, a single agent is given at a time. At our practice, multiple agents are given to help with multiple symptoms possible from dental surgery. Since homeopathy has been found to have no side effects, this seems a reasonable approach.

Interesting, homeopathic agents are considered to be more effective as they are made weaker, so something that is said to have 6x potency has been diluted six times and is more potent in homeopathic effect than something that has diluted only three times.

Increasing The Effectiveness Of Homeopathic Treatments

A number of concept and processes are traditional when dealing with homeopathic treatments. Some are based on science while others are more based on superstition or possibilities, but we recommend observing all standard procedures. These include:

  • avoiding touching remedies and taking them directly from the container into the mouth
  • placing them under the tongue for maximum effect
  • not eating or drinking for 20 minutes before or after the remedies
  • avoiding using tea, coffee or mint while using remedies since these substances have a neutralizing impact, and
  • avoiding the use of perfumes or other volatile substances in storing the remedies since this can decrease effectiveness.

Our goal is to decrease the pain of all our patients and to increase the effectiveness of every treatment program we prescribe or action we take. Using homeopathy along with standard surgical techniques and other holistic and alternative practices can make dental treatment more pleasant.

Unusual and hard to understand but proven through generations of use, homeopathic treatments can ease dental symptoms and the symptoms of dental surgery, so they should not be discounted. Why not contact us about handling your dental surgery? We’ll make sure we take every action possible so that things go well for you. – (610) 630-7174

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