Feedback from Dr. Sonia Gupta

Daniel Vinograd

We appreciate your kind words Dr Sonia!


Dr. Sonia Gupta

Dr. Sonia Gupta

“Aloha Dr. Vinograd,

I came across your awesome website and videos and wanted to say thank you for your efforts to educate the public on the raw truth of dentistry and health.

I appreciate your candid and honest approach to providing information and education to people.  It is unfortunately rare to find practitioners who take the approach of “do no harm” and “let food be thy medicine”.  Your information provided is true and honest and I commend you for that.

My mother always taught us “everything in moderation, including moderation”.  You have beautifully mastered this.  I love that you point out that there is no one true protocol or website or product.  The truth is in the practitioner’s heart and how he or she chooses to use all the protocols and all the information to “do no harm”.

I am a young dentist (somewhat young – 35 yrs old haha) and when I got out of dental school I became somewhat disillusioned with dentistry as I saw it as a “sell out corporate business” instead of healthcare.   I followed my passion and stayed true to my soul all these years.  I practice yoga and meditation daily. I see dentistry and healthcare as my calling and passion in life to do good for others while balancing running a business.  I appreciate that I can share this spirit with someone else in the profession.  You are a rare find and a true gem.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

With much aloha,

Sonia Gupta, D.D.S.
Maui Dental Group
President, Maui County Dental Society
UCSF School of Dentistry

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