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MI PasteGoing to the dentist can be a very stressful time – for people of all ages! That is why we do our absolute best to ensure that each and every single one of our patients is comfortable and happy with the way that their appointment goes at our dental practice. We think about each aspect of your time here, from your arrival, to your sitting in our waiting area, to seeing the dentist, to receiving any treatment or advice, to leaving us again happy and healthy. But we want to do even more than that, and look after you while you are sitting in the dentist’s chair. That is why we use MI Paste.

MI Paste a special protein (milk derived) that releases phosphate and calcium into your mouth, which are absolutely essential for your teeth to remain happy and healthy throughout the day. Calcium and phosphate are just two of the minerals that our teeth require to maintain themselves, but we often do not ingest enough of them in our daily diets. MI Paste also relieves tooth sensitivity, and allows Dr. Vinograd to work with your teeth with minimum pain and disruption for you. It protects the nerve endings of your teeth, thereby relieving sensitivity (not just for dentistry, but also hot/cold air and foods).. and also creating a plaque-barrier by protecting dental nerve endings. If used during each of your visits, Dr. Vinograd will be able to see a pronounced change in the way that your teeth are able to protect themselves. That could easily translate into fewer trips to the dentist for aches and pains, and fewer treatments being necessary.

We offer MI Paste at our dental clinic to ensure that you receive the best care possible, and we take pride in our ongoing efforts to ensure your comfort. MI Paste is the material favoured by holistic dental professionals to ensure that you receive the best care, and that means that our patients come to us again and again: because we take the best care of both you and your teeth.

To receive dental care that takes your comfort into consideration, make an appointment with Dr. by calling (619) 630-7174.

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