Outstanding Results Using Ozonized Water to Irrigate the Gums

Daniel Vinograd

Jewel was kind enough to allow me to post her experience using the ozonized water protocol (to help prevent gum disease):


Hello Dr Vinograd,
gum disease ozone protocol
I was introduced to you via the Gerson March webinar, thank you for your presentation and thank you for your service.

Feedback: Using the ozonator nightly for 4mo the 7mm pockets around my molars decreased to 3mm. I am thrilled for the turnaround!

I am grateful to review your full-length presentation and I want you to continue posting it in its entirety. In the interest of time I suggest posting a shortened version that zeros in on the portions concerned with anaerobic bacteria and the ozonizer so newcomers can get at the info faster. The full-length video is a lot to sort thru to get to the benefits of the ozonizer.

Thank you for your much-needed advice on communicating the benefits of ozonizing. You get the credit for improving my gums. :^)

All the best,


Ozonizer Product Page: http://www.bodypure.com/product-p/ozonizer.htm

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Outstanding Results Using Ozonized Water to Irrigate the Gums, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. As per Jewel’s suggestion, we have created a dedicated page for the ozonizer protocol, and a menu to skip directly to the pertinent section of the lecture here:


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