On Anxiety

Daniel Vinograd

We all suffer some degree of anxiety as human beings. This is a window into my process with it:

My anxiety is real, it is disconcerting, scary and overwhelming. It is inherent in my humanity, a symptom of chaos.  It can not be pushed against or pushed away. However, it is not my enemy either. It is not a monster I need to fear. I know….I can change my relationship with it by understanding it; Understanding that it is a symptom of chaos that comes from change, the inevitable change from my human condition. If my chaos is reorganized it moves to a higher order. If it is not reorganized, anxiety prevails. In order for chaos to reorganize I need containment, LOTS OF IT!

I find containment in my understanding of the source of my anxiety, in honest, mutually supportive friendships, in Centerpointe meditation, in Yoga, in good therapy, in Kabbaslistic meditation in healings. “It takes a village to raise a child” It takes a great deal of containment to disarm anxiety and establish a new relationship with it.

Anxiety is very real, human suffering is real, but so is containment, joy and our own sacredness. Being fully human is about embracing it ALL. It is about coming back home to ourselves, where we can welcome ALL we are……looking at the mirror and saying: What took you so long my beloved.

– Dr Daniel

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