Invisalign – Holistic and Modern?

Daniel Vinograd

Holistic medicine and dentistry is often accused of sticking to closely to the past, and to methods and techniques which frankly are outdated. This means that many people will naturally avoid those that self describe as holistic doctors or holistic dentists, because they do not believe that they will receive the optimum care that they deserve. However, this is a huge misunderstanding of exactly what the term ‘holistic’ actually means. With further study and information, it soon becomes clear that it is most definitely possible to be holistic and modern in your approach to healing the body.




This is something that Dr Vinograd really prides himself on. As well as offering the most up to date technology and procedures within his dental practice (such as Invisalign), he also keeps to his holistic principles. This means that he is able to provide his patients with centuries of holistic knowledge about the way that our bodies actually work, combined with absolutely up to date twenty first century medical procedure. Dr Vinograd is also able to offer diagnosis and treatment in just one visit, because of his years of experience within dentistry. From cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, treatment of dental anxiety, and holistic procedures to remove pain and discomfort, there really is little that Dr Vinograd cannot offer his patients.



Dr Vinograd is a brilliant example of the holistic AND modern dentist; a man that considers each one of his patients as a whole, rather than just fixating on their teeth and gums. By following holistic rules that promote natural health, and using the finest tools and technology to rectify any problems, Dr Vinograd’s patients always know that they are in good hands when it comes to their teeth – as well as their entire health. Being holistic and modern for Dr Vinograd simply isn’t a problem.

Call (619) 630-7174 for a free Invisalign, and/or holistic dental consultation.

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