Artistry And Materials Are Among Factors That Determine Dental Crown Quality

Daniel Vinograd

dental crownsDental crowns can differ significantly in quality because of differences in artistry and materials. These are among the many variables that go into your decision about what kind of crown to choose for your tooth — because they aren’t all the same. The quality directly impacts the cost of the crown, but all restorations should adequately restore natural function.

Working alongside you, your dentist and the selected dental technician can create a finished dental crown that will make your smile better than ever before. Just be sure you consider all the variables and understand your options before choosing a crown.

Your Crown’s Artistry

Perhaps it’s obvious that crowns made from the best materials cost more than lower quality crowns. For example, a crown made of the highest porcelain quality costs the most. But just as important to how the crown looks is the expertise and artistry of the dental technician who creates it. While some crowns are simple and white without much visual appeal, others are translucent mini-masterpieces that look exactly like your natural teeth.

To ensure the best work, make sure your crown is sent to the best available technician. For a more affordable crown, ask about a more affordable technician.

You also have choices about how your crown will look. You can choose the crown color in consultation with the dentist, and you need to speak up if you don’t like what the dentist proposes. Also, if the finished product is not to your liking when you first see it, be sure to voice your objections before it’s cemented into place.

A great deal of subjectivity is involved in the appearance of dental crowns, and you play a role in making sure yours looks the way you want it to.

Consider A Provisional Crown

The dentist may suggest a provisional crown, and this can often be a good idea. A temporary crown can help you see what the permanent one will look like so you can see how it blends into your smile. You can also find out if eating and talking are completely restored when you try a provisional crown. Once the design meets your requirements, a permanent crown can be made to the same specifications and of better materials.

Provisional crowns add to the cost of the restoration, but they can be important tools if you want to determine what your finished smile will look like once the restoration is complete.

Whatever decisions you make, expect to get back your natural function at a minimum. Other than that, much about the look of the crown is determined by your taste, your insurance and your dentist’s recommendations.

For the best results, it all starts with the best dentist. A dentist with a great reputation and a history of satisfying clients can provide the best possible results. You can make things go even more smoothly by asking questions about cost and quality from the beginning.

You’re the patient, and you deserve to have things done your way.

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