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Just watched the Gerson Webinar lec Guest 1 2013-10-06 17:22:14 by Guest
Podcast ep1: Porcelain Veneers (the Daniel Vinograd 0 2013-08-25 20:07:37 by Daniel Vinograd
Questions about Removal and Chelati Guest 1 2013-08-18 11:07:42 by Daniel Vinograd
How can I safely chelate? I have a Guest 1 2013-08-18 11:06:21 by Daniel Vinograd
Just found recommended Ozonator for Guest 0 2013-08-18 17:25:48 by Daniel Vinograd
Mercury and Candida Daniel Vinograd 0 2013-08-18 17:51:10 by Daniel Vinograd

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