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Hello Dr. Vinograd,

I am in the middle of removing all Amalgams and should have them all out in a month or so. I did have bio-compatibiltiy testing done and the replacements feel great. I am very heavy metal mercury toxic as proven by a urine provocation test. I have had candida for a very long time and also have thyroiditis. My naturopath already has me doing some natural chelation (chlorella and Vit C) while I still have mercury in my mouth. Is this safe? Plus can the candida battle really be won until the metal is gone from the mouth and somewhat removed from the body? It just seems fruitless to me at this point to take gobs and gobs of anti-fungals until after the “terrain” is more cleaned up through chelation, when the anti-fungals actually have a chance of working.

Curious about your thoughts. Thank you very much.

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Daniel Vinograd
Daniel Vinograd
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“As you probably know, we all naturally host Candida colonies, although in a healthy environment they do not dominate and create systemic imbalance; the body finds it more tolerable to have yeast overgrowth rather than the ultimately more damaging effects of uncontained mercury. It is not that the Candida contributes to health, but it is part of damage control.

The most important point here is that trying to fight Candida overgrowth without first bringing toxic levels of mercury to lower levels is a loosing battle. Once mercury is successfully reduced, Candida overgrowth can become manageable.”

As far as the chlorella, make sure your Naturopath recommends one that has been tested for heavy metals. Because Chlorella binds so effectively with heavy metals, it often “picks them up” as it is being cultivated.

Dr V


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