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I was wondering if you have ever worked with anyone who has metal in their bodies?

I just got all my (two) Amalgams out. I’m not sure what is safe for me to use to chelate the mercury from my body now. I have a small permanent stainless steel orthodontic retainer bonded to the back of my two front teeth to keep them from separating. I also have two stainless steel harrington rods in my back from scoliosis surgery when I was a teenager. I assume DMSA and DPSA (sp?) are not an option.

Any suggestions? I’m sure other people have run into this before as metal is commonly used as a plate in arms, feet, etc these days.

Would you recommend replacing the retainer with a ceramic one? Unfortunately, the metal rods in my back aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! I wonder if I could have nickel toxicity from the retainer and rods also. Any ideas are much appreciated!

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Daniel Vinograd
Daniel Vinograd
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The first thing I would recommend is to perform a hair analysis to get some indication of your condition. I would not recommend that you test in urine or feces for heavy metals with an IV chelator in your situation.
Once you get an idea of your condition, specific protocols can considered, based on the results.

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