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Dr. Levine:                            That’s exactly right. In the Scandinavian countries, in 2008, they banned amalgams because of environmental and health purposes. Now, environmental is when you take on amalgams. And that’s when the most amount of mercury is released, it can get into the water supply.

There also were a number of studies that came out of Sweden that really showed some health risks with the mercury coming off the amalgams and offering up all of these problems that Dr. Curatola is talking about.

Dr. Oz:                                   Walk me through exactly how the mercury gets out of the amalgams. We talked about this vaporization that was not known to have existed a few decades ago.

Dr. Levine:                            That’s exactly right. So, whenever the amalgam starts to wear, any type of contact—so imagine chewing, people who grind their teeth.

There are factors that increase the amount of mercury vapor coming off—the amount of amalgams in your mouth, how old are they. When they get old, they corrode, and the breakdown of that mercury vapor comes out much greater. Do you grind your teeth for a long period of time? Do you have carbonated sodas which lowers the pH in the mouth and increases the amount of mercury?

So, there are a number of factors that actually can accelerate that amount of mercury. But they just haven’t tested it enough to correlate it with these medical issues.

Dr. Oz:                                   So, […] mercury vapors rising out of the teeth, they’re invisible to the eye. No one has ever seen them. But for the first time in television—for the first time ever—I’m going to show you what happens when you brush your teeth with mercury fillings.

And we got some help from our friend, Dave Wentz. I’ve worked with Dave and his PhD dad a long time. Their company are big sponsors of Health Corp which is the Children’s Health Foundation.

We were doing a program together. And I witnessed you do this demonstration with your father. It just blew me away. And I wanted you to bring it alive onstage today.

So, if you could, show us how this monitor and this little contraption you built can reveal to us what happens when we brush our teeth.

Dave:                                      Okay. Well, what we have is a set of teeth with typical silver fillings in them. And we’ve contained it in this glove box with a special air filter to protect everyone in the room so we don’t have any mercury toxic element. We don’t want it out.

Dr. Oz:                                   And what’s the amount of mercury right now that’s in this box?

Dave:                                      We’ve ventilated it. We’ve used the filter to clear it out. So we’re at zero now.

Dr. Oz:                                   Okay. So I’m going to put my hands in the glove, so you can run the device. And here, just to point out, you’ve built us a mouth here. Can we all see the mouth there.

And what do you have in there? Those are amalgam fillings.

Dave:                                      Yup! We have been told that when you mix mercury with silver, tin and copper, it becomes completely stable. No mercury vapor is supposed to be released. And we’re going to do a little demonstration to show how much is released.

Dr. Oz:                                   So, if I brushed, for example, parts of the teeth that don’t have any mercury like here, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Dave:                                      Yeah.

Dr. Oz:                                   But you’re arguing that if I brush down here…

Okay, go ahead. I’ll start brushing now.

At one point should I be concerned? At what point should I be concerned? What level is more than what we’re supposed to have?

Dave:                                      Anything over zero is toxic. We’re at 61.

Dr. Oz:                                   Oh, my goodness! Sixty-one?

Dave:                                      Sixty one micrograms.

Dr. Oz:                                   Now, how can anyone dispute that mercury is coming off amalgams?

Dave:                                      You really can’t. You can’t. It’s happening. We have the devices. We have the technology to measure that mercury vapor. And we are well above the limits that you would want to be exposed to. That mercury is coming off the fillings into your mouth, going across the blood brain barrier and into your brain.

Dr. Oz:                                   Thank you very much.

And when I saw this the first time, I could not believe it. It actually is revealing something that we’ve been disputing. This is a science experiment. But it does conclusively to me anyway demonstrate that we do shed gas off mercury in ways we don’t want to when we brush our teeth.

Of course, normally, we don’t measure it in the air in your mouth although it’s concerning that numbers that we’re not supposed to have in the air are in your mouth in high doses.

Dave:                                      …closed space in your mouth.

Dr. Oz:                                   We would look in your urine oftentimes which is how you would measure the amount of mercury.

So, I’ve got a guest here who actually believe that she had mercury toxicity from her amalgam filling. Dana, thank you for joining us. How are you?

Dana:                                      Hi! Nice to meet you.

Dr. Oz:                                   Come on down.

Dana:                                      Otherwise, you’ll be taller than me.

Dr. Oz:                                   I’d love to hear your story. I’m intrigued by this because so many of us have amalgam fillings.

Actually, what were your problems to begin with? And then, what made you believe that mercury fillings were the cause of them?

Dana:                                      Well, when I was younger, I had about 15 mercury amalgam fillings placed in my mouth. And as I got older, I started to have terrible tremors, hand tremors. I couldn’t concentrate. And I thought I was losing my memory. I know it sounds crazy.

Dr. Oz:                                   By the way, I hear these complaints from a lot of people. But they still don’t know why they’re happening which is why I’m so curious about this as a potential cause.

So, how did you actually identify that you had mercury in your body? Did you do any of the tests that were available for that?

Dana:                                      Yes, I did some urine testing.

Dr. Oz:                                   And you had high levels of mercury?

Dana:                                      Yes.

Dr. Oz:                                   Did you have the amalgams removed?

Dana:                                      I had them removed, yes.

Dr. Oz:                                   So then, what happened?

Dana:                                      Some of my symptoms went away immediately. Other symptoms have taken a while to dissipate. I’m still working on them.

Dr. Oz:                                   Are you happy that you had the amalgams taken out?

Dana:                                      Oh, yes. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Oz:                                   You would do it again?

Dana:                                      Yeah, mm-hmmm…

Dr. Oz:                                   So, despite the growing controversy about mercury and amalgam fillings, the official position of the American Dental Association is still that they are harmless. It is a very strong group. They’ve done many wonderful things. And so I wanted to hear from them. And here’s what they said.

They said: “Dental amalgams are considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth in more than 100 million Americans. And it has established a record of safety and effectiveness.”

So, coming up, if you’re concerned about what you’ve heard so far, you’d be asking: “Should I have my mercury fillings removed?” The answer were truly surprising.

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