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Doctor OZ Mercury Vapor From Amalgam Fillings (P3)

Dr. Oz:                                   We made the case that mercury in your fillings could be toxic and harmful to your health. So these are the question that everyone watching should be asking: “Should you have your mercury fillings taken out?” Dr. Jonathan Levine and Dr. Gerry Curatola are back with us. So Dr. Levine, what’s your view? […]


Doctor OZ Mercury Vapor From Amalgam Fillings (P2)

Dr. Levine:                            That’s exactly right. In the Scandinavian countries, in 2008, they banned amalgams because of environmental and health purposes. Now, environmental is when you take on amalgams. And that’s when the most amount of mercury is released, it can get into the water supply. There also were a number of studies that came out […]


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